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WIPAL- Volume 3

In this addition of WIPAL (what I purchased and loved), I want to talk about a few subscriptions that I am obsessed with. From food, wine, books, vitamins and razors, below are the 5 things that I have purchased (and continue to purchase) through a subscription, and have loved.

Wine: Living in the city, I physically cannot purchase too many heavy items when I make my trips (walking) to the grocery store. So, I have the essentials (wine) delivered via Winc. The process is super customizable and you can skip/cancel at any time. I usually let Winc select the wines for me, based on my previous rankings and my initial preference quiz, and I have been pleasantly surprised each time. However, this Chop Shop bottle, has been a repurchase, as I truly love it.

Click here to get your first 3 bottles of wine, delivered to your door for free.- you just cover shipping and tax. You can cancel or skip at any time too. Winc always sends you a reminder before your order ships too, in case you wanted to skip and forgot.

Home Chef: Cooking for one is tough, so when I came across Home Chef, and loved the ease of ordering and their weekly selection, I was excited. I am content with eating a bowl of cereal (read a bowl of potato chips) for dinner, so cooking something for myself is rare. With Home Chef, I order two meals, and have enough for four meals throughout the week. There is a great selection and the meals are always super easy for me to make.

Book of the Month: If you are new here, I am an avid reader and this subscription service is perfect. I just finished Malibu Rising, which was an early release from BOTM and it was wonderful. You can skip as many months as you would like, and to make things even easier, you could always sign up for just a 3 month subscription vs. an open ended one. Books are quickly delivered to your door, for a very low price.

Billie (Razors) and Ritual (Vitamins)- Two other random subscriptions that I love are for my replacement razor blades and my daily vitamin. Billie razors are affordable, and somehow magic for how close of a shave you get with them. Ritual makes taking my daily vitamins easy, with their subscription service. The link here will save you $15 off your first order.



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