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March Books- 2022

This month I managed to finish 5 books. My favorite of the bunch was Project Hail Mary, which was my pick for book club this month! I then read 3 romance novels to combat all of the science in PHM, and then finished the month off with a BRAD (beach read after dark), as @beachreadsandbubbly calls this type of steamy fiction. Below are my reviews. Happy reading!

The Love Hypothesis Paperback by Ali Hazelwood- I enjoyed this book! Cute, easy read, a bit of smut, and of course the happy ending that we all expect in chick lits. A young grad student manages to convince one of department heads to be her fake boyfriend, all as a ploy to get her friends off of her back for being single. There are benefits for both parties in this fake relationship, and they continue on with this, until real feelings are developed- duh. A few unexpected drama bombs are thrown in, to make this a 4 star chick lit.

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir- I loved this book- 5 stars all the way to Eridani and back! This book was selected by yours truly for March's book club pick. I had read about it somewhere, and added it to me TBR list, and then picked it for the group to read. Still, I am not sure why I picked this, because it is sci-fi and I NEVER read sci-fi. However, I am super glad that I selected it, because I truly loved it! The Sun is dying, which will cause Earth to go into an ice-age and everyone will die. So, a group of scientists come up with a plan to save the planet via Project Hail Mary. Will Earth continue to exist? Is there life outside of our planet? This was truly such a great book, and I cannot wait until the movie adaptation!

The Reunion by Meghan Quinn- This was a Kindle Unlimited, which is $9.99/month, and includes a lot of free books. This one one of the freebees, and Colleen Hoover's Reminders of Him was also $0 to read (minus the membership). In this chick lit, three siblings al reunite for their parent's anniversary party, which they are throwing together. However, the siblings have not been seeing eye to eye recently and all hell breaks loose. Not only do we follow along in the sibling drama, each of the Chance siblings also is starting a new relationship while in their hometown. Things get messy in all aspects of everyone's lives, but it was an enjoyable read. 4 stars.

Meet You in the Middle by Devon Daniels- This book was part of a small book swap with a friend. One romance novel, in exchange for another. Needing some help on a bill in the Senate, Kate sets up a meeting with Ben who is on the other side of the aisle, but she greatly needs the support of his boss. The meeting goes horribly, name calling occurs, and Kate storms off. However, a spark is ignited in the midst of the madness. Kate and Ben flirt throughout the book, but Kate is still unsure if he is single and interested in her. Will things develop between the two? Or will Kate's dislike for the opposition be too much to handle? 4 stars.

PUCKED by Helena Hunting- This was a free read on my Kindle Unlimited plan, and it is a BRAD read for sure (beach read after dark), as @beachreadsandbubbly calls this type of steamy fiction. Pure smut, and I loved every minute of it. Violet has been around hockey most of her adult life, as her step brother is a pro. When he gets traded to Chicago, where she lives, she now gets to attend more games in support of her step-bro. After a win, Violet and her family attend an after party with the team, where she meets the team Captain, Alex. Things heat up quickly. The story is full of smut, but there is actually a plot in there too.



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