Holiday Gift Guide 2022

For this Holiday season, I pulled together a few of my favorite things to hopefully help you with gifting. I hope that you find something great!

World Traveler

The below 4 items are ALWAYS packed when I travel. Nosie cancelling headphones from Sony are key for drowning out all airplane noises. If you are traveling anywhere with a hat, this bag clip is a must. Simply, attach the clip to your carry on bag, and the magnetic clip hold your hat in place. It wont get smashed in your suitcase and you don't have to wear or carry it onto the plane. Next up is my favorite personal item for plane travel. This bag from Everlane, which is a very sustainable brand, is huge, has a laptop compartment, and fits on your carry on. I have gotten so much use out of this bag, I think everyone needs it! Finally, packing cubes. They truly are magic and I love using them to separate out either types of clothing, or days of travel.

Beauty Expert

A few of my recent beauty obsessions include Amazon's #1 Clean Mascara... Honest Extreme Length Mascara, of course I am biased, but this mascara really is as good as its reviews. I have also been loving my cream blush and go to travel perfume, that I added below. Some new loves include this Vitamin C powerhouse, hair clips, and this magic makeup with a cult following.


Anyone that knows me knows that I am a homebody. What better way to stay at home (with a book of course), then in a robe, with a candle lit, wrapped up in a blanket made of clouds, with a hot cup of coffee? All while you wear your new favorite boots/slippers, after you have taken a nice long bubble bath? The robe below is the short version of the one that I own, and for a dupe of the boots, you can find it here.

Boss Babe

I recently redid my office/guest room, since I spend 9+ hours in there daily, and it has made my work day much more pleasant. This standing desk is a dream, and I am so glad that I purchased it! To make your work space feel more like home, add in some new art work (I bought this print and love it), a cute cell charger, and I am loving this year's Everygirl planner and already bought the 2023 one! Of course you need a Stanley to stay hydrated, and you are set to take over the corporate world!


The below items are staples in my minimalist wardrobe. This DP hair pin is expensive for a hair accessory, but it is well worth it, and may be my favorite purchase of 2022. It securely holds all of my hair in place, for hours. I have also included a classic J.Crew sweater, my go to sustainable sneakers, my favorite silver ring (since I am allergic to gold 😢), the casual crossbody that I always grab, and a multipurpose balm from my employer.

Stocking Stuffers

Below you can find a few of my favorite items that would be perfect stocking stuffers!

Splurge Worthy Items

I own this LED face mask and I swear it is a leading cause of my complexion. It is a splurge, but think of it as the cost of a few facials and it pays for itself. This card holder from Burberry is stunning, and will be used daily. Last year I bought my sister this necklace from DRD and she wears it daily. It is such a classic. A few other splurge worthy items are the Dyson Hairdryer, and anything from Cuyana.



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