April Books- 2022

This month I read 3 books (all on my Kindle) and listened to 1 on Libby. My books this month were a nice mix of 1 mystery, 1 historical fiction and 2 romances. Below are my reviews!

Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson- This was our April pick for book club and I loved it- 5 stars! Two estranged siblings are brought together after their mother's passing. Not only are they reunited to hear the reading of her will, she has also left them a voice recording. In this recording, the siblings quickly realize that their mother is not who they thought she was. The book goes between the current timeline, and bounces back to their mother's childhood in The Caribbean, and her early adult life in Europe. Murder, crime, mystery, and love, all bring this story to life. I cannot recommend it enough!

A Not So Meet Cute by Meghan Quinn- Free, part of my Kindle Unlimited plan, I gave this book 3 stars, and that was being generous. A well educated women, was just let go from her job, and is off on a walk in search of a rich husband to make her life better. A millionaire, made a huge business mistake by accidently lying to a potential client that he was engaged. On a walk to clear his head, he literally runs into the solution to his problem. The two move in together, pretend to be engaged, and eventually fall for one another. Cute in concept, but I did not like the characters or the unbelievable plot and details (even for a chick lit). Bummed, because I have read other books by Meghan Quinn, including The Highland Fling and The Reunion, which I enjoyed. Skip this one.

The Maid by Nita Prose- This book has AMAZING reviews, was part of GMA's book club, and was an offering for Book of the Month. Because of all of the hype, I had very high hopes for it. However, I did not like this book. The maid, recently lost her grandmother, who was her sole caregiver and guardian, was now all alone in the world. She was extremely sheltered, which I found odd, hard to actually believe, and irritating. One day, she discovers a dead body in a room she was scheduled to clean. Who killed him? His unhappy/abused wife, his ungrateful children, his ex-wife, someone that was part of his illegal business which was being run in the hotel? The killer was not revealed until the epilogue. What could have been a great twist ended up flat, and the happy ending was also hard to believe. I just did not like this story. 3 stars on my end, but I would love to chat with you if you have read this! I did receive feedback that this was an AMAZING book to listen to.

Under One Roof by Ali Hazelwood- I found this audiobook on Libby and if you are not using your library card to listen to FREE audio books, you are missing out. I picked this audiobook because this author also wrote The Love Hypothesis, which I recently read and enjoyed. Brought together as new co-homeowners of a beautiful house in D.C., after his aunt and her mentor passed away. These two could not be more opposite. He works as a lawyer for a big oil company, and she works at the EPA. Will they eventually stop butting heads and fall for each other? Duh, its a romance book. This was a very short book, and has an extremely similar meet cute/set up as Lease on Love,, which I have also read. 4 stars for a quick and easy read.



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