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Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa

Earlier this year, my friend joined me (along with 2 married couple and a dating couple) for a long weekend in Las Vegas. She only knew me, this was clearly a couples vacation, but she and i did not care. So when I asked her what our plans were for Labor Day weekend, and she suggested a vacation, I knew she was serious. We chose the Dreams Resort in Tulum, Mexico!!!

Before flying south, we knew that we just wanted to drink margarita's all day and read books, which is exactly what we did, and we loved every minute of it. We woke up each morning, put on our swimsuits and headed to breakfast. We were laying in our lounge chairs by 10am each day, books in hand. Our server at the pool, Benito, was great! He would bring us drinks and snacks all day long, so we literally did not have to leave our spot at the pool.

Spa: One day we went to the spa for massages and facials, for added relaxation. While my massage was great, sadly there was not much else about our spa experience that I enjoyed. They put the two of us in one single room for our treatments, the facial was a face wash, a moisturizer, and then they massaged my face, and there were very noisy guests in the waiting area that you could hear the entire massage. Unfortunately, I was unhappy with the spa experience.

Food: The food was above average for an all inclusive resort. One evening we dined at the Hibachi restaurant, and it was by far our favorite meal on the trip. The chef was entertaining, and we sat with some great hotel guests from NYC and from Germany! The breakfast buffet was typical for an all-inclusive, and had a bit of everything available. Benito would bring us chips and guac, and french fries around lunch time, so we did not dine at any restaurant for lunch. Not to mention the cocktails! We also tried the Italian and Mexican restaurants on the property, both were above average, but nothing great.

Hotel: The hotel property was beautiful. There was plenty of greenery all around, as well as water features and of course, the pools. The property was beach front, so we did spend some time on the beach, but I am more of a pool girl tbh. There were nice white sandy beaches and palm trees lining the water's edge, with plenty of shade (since I avoid direct sun at most costs). I did get up early to watch the sunrise from the beach one morning, but sadly I was an hour too late. Luckily, no one else was awake at that early hour, so I had most of the resort to myself. At that time I was able to get some beautiful pictures of the resort.

Overall the vacation was just what we wanted it to be, relaxing. We were in bed before 11 each night, slept in, read our books, drank margaritas, ate too much food, and relaxed a ton. I would definitely return to Tulum, but I would stay at another resort and here is why:

We arranged transportation from the airport to the hotel, through the hotel. They sent me a quote, I agreed to the fee, and that was that. A driver picked us up at the airport for the drive, that was over an hour, to our hotel. Upon check out, the hotel noted all additional charges (the spa and the airport transfer). We paid and hopped in the car. No issues.

A full month after we returned from our trip, I received an email from the hotel staff. They claimed that they accidentally ordered us a luxury airport transfer vs. the standard transfer. However, they charged us for the standard. They asked me to pay for the luxury car service. I emailed them back and politely declined. It was their mistake and I would have considered paying it, but not after a full month had gone by. I was definitely not transferring them any money. After I politely declined, I received yet another email asking me to pay for their error. I replied, once again, telling them that I was not going to pay and to not contact me again asking for money.

I was very disappointed that a hotel would actually treat a guest the way that they did. It left a very bitter taste in my mouth for the hotel chain, who also run Secrets, Zoetry and others through the Amstar Resort Collection. I even sent a email out to the hotel expressing my concern. One of their employees emailed me twice asking for me to transfer money! I still cannot get over it.

Another friend and I planned an upcoming trip to Punta Cana, and a Zoetry resort was on her list of places to stay. I quickly removed them for the running. If you have any questions on my stay, please let me know.



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