My BFF Jess, is always up for an adventure. We started traveling together after college (have been friends since Kindergarten) for what we called our Adult Spring Break. When her and her husband were planning a group vaca in the fall of 2016, I immediately signed up! The trip ended up being a Royal Caribbean cruise to Bermuda. Below are some amazing shots of the stunningly beautiful island.

The beautiful beach photos are from Horseshoe Bay beach. We took a van from the port to the beach and it was so worth it! The shots are actually me standing on top of some rocks, which I have a nice scar on my knee to prove that I made the climb. The cute little shot down the alley, looking onto the water was in town. We took a water taxi/ferry from the port on a separate day into down. It was neat to just walk around and explore what the city had to offer. We ended up at a local bar, and enjoyed a cold one before heading back onto the boat, to get back onto the ship.

Great trip! Don't forget your motion sickness pills, just in case you need them on night one like I did.



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