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Hoover Dam

Viva Las Vegas! A few weeks ago I traveled to Las Vegas with a group of friends. The main reason for the trip was to see The Backstreet Boys, who were amazing, entertaining, and a ton of fun to watch and dance to! However, we wanted to add a little something extra to our trip, so that it didn't 100% focus around gambling too much and indulging too much. The group decided that a trip to the Hoover Dam would be perfect.

Our unofficial tour guide/leader of the trip, David, found the perfect 1/2 day trip to the Dam. Our driver picked us up at the hotel, where two other passengers were already in the van. The 10 of us then went on a little drive, through Nevada until we reached the Dam. It was much more massive than I had expected, and truly breathtaking. Half of the Hoover Dam is actually located in Arizona, so I managed to check a new state off my bucket list!

Next time you are in Las Vegas, it is definitely worth your time to take a trip to see this wonder!



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