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In March of 2017, I had the opportunity to visit London! My sister was working abroad and spent 5 months in England, so of course I visited! I lucked out and had amazing, sunny weather the entire time I was visiting. Sunny, rain free weather is actually very rare for London, so I took advantage and was a complete shutter bug.

We went to some amazing places for dinner, including Indian that was very comparable to what I had in India. I visited London near my sister's birthday, so I treated her to front row seats at The Phantom of the Opera. The show was more than we could have dreamed. It is and will always be my favorite musical!

While my sis was at work (she did take time off when we traveled to the Netherlands and Scotland, I was a complete tourist. One of the best things that I purchased in London was a 2 day bus tour ticket. Yes, I rode around the city on one of those double decker, hop on- hop off, tourist trap, buses, and it was wonderful. The bus had multiple routes and I was able to spend hours soaking up the London sites. I highly recommend this as a way to see all of the city!

What are you favorite things about London? Favorite places to eat, drink, shop? The show you loved the most? The best museum?



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